Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Seattle YASC Interns

Many people have been asking us to post a picture 
of the four of us so here it is, a picture from our 
very first week in the YASC program!

What is Intentional Community?

What is intentional community? Well, that's a GREAT question and one that we have been trying to figure out for the past few weeks. Even though we haven't entirely figured it out, I can say at least one thing, we are much closer to figuring it out than we were 3 weeks ago!

Part of the Young Adult Service Community program requires us interns to live in intentional community but it is left to us to decide what that means so how did we go about deciding it...some very intense, VERY late-night discussions with the aid of our friends wine and beer. We had one of these discussions a few weeks ago where we really tried to understand why some of us were having such a hard time understanding what intentional community meant...this involved a lot of talking back and forth but in the end it went like every good discussion should go, everyone was heard and we were able to end it on a positive note and even ended with a sporadic midnight run. While what started off as an intense discussion turned into a really fun night, it then turned into quite a rough morning because we didn't go to bed until 2am and had to get up for work the next day...OOPS!

Like I said, we haven't figured out intentional community completely yet but we are muddling our way through it with conversations, bonding, and spur of the moment housemate late-night adventures!