Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May Day March

May Day was such an incredible day! Especially with all of the news coverage that focused on the small (and separate) groups of people who were confrontational with the police officers and destructive of property, I wanted to make sure that people who weren't able to attend would still get a sense of the May Day that I experienced.

Marianne and I, along with the rest of the Puget Sound Sage staff, joined up with the march that left from Judkins Park, down S. Jackson, around downtown, and ending at the Federal Building. What struck me most about the marchers (left), were how many different types of groups were represented: labor unions, community groups, worker’s rights groups, faith groups, immigrant rights groups, and even the Seattle Superheroes (below) were out in full force. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the energy was infectious.

Marianne and I moved up and down the mass of people in order to fully appreciate all that the marchers had to offer; there were small bands, enthusiastic mega-phone wielders, noise makers, clever signs, and of course the powerful “Si se puede!” chanters! We were joined by Rev. Brandon Duran (from Plymouth Church) and ended up spending a lot of our time with Pin@y because they had the most exciting chants, which included some choreography! My favorite was the “Get up (put your hands up), get down (squat down), there’s a people’s movement in this town!” So much fun!

These types of actions make me hopeful because it allows me to see what is possible. All the people who were there had different priorities for change based on their own experiences and the experiences of their communities. Despite this, there was recognition that we are stronger when we are working together. Solidarity is a powerful and necessary tool in creating change and I was proud to be a part of it on May Day.

-Jenn Hagedorn

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