Monday, September 17, 2012

Meditatin' and Stuff

     Yesterday was such a cool day, minus my parking ticket. And since it’s unhealthy to vent excessively over little things that are insignificant in the grand scheme of my life, I’ll focus on the meditation.
All 4 of us interns headed down the street to a compline service at an Episcopal church down the street. It’s supposed to serve as a reverent end to your week, and boy oh boy it did the trick for me. The one thing that I thought was awesome was the sheer number of people in attendance. Here I was, sitting on a pew with strangers on both sides of me, some that may not even be Christian, but we’re sharing this moment of reflection together, and I thought that was a really sacred thing. Then, mid-reflection, I was reminded of one of my friends back home attending Notre Dame. He once talked to me about the goosebumps he got thinking about all of the people who shared their thoughts with God in the famous Basilica of the Sacred Heart, past and present, and the same phenomenon certainly struck me on that peaceful Sunday night.

     Then, the choirs started singing, and I just sunk into an even deeper state of peace. It was truly a serene place, both outside, and those who shared the place with me. Part of the experience that made it extra special was the informality of it all. People were laying on the ground around the pulpit, and curled up with blankets all around the sanctuary. It was a nice change from the normal, rigid structure of worship.
Finally, the organist performed, and he blew me away. Apparently he’s one of the best organists in the country, and doesn’t perform very often, but we had the pleasure of listening that night, and it was a great thing to share that presence with everyone.

     This was an amazing start to the week (and the other interns, too, I think), and really got my mind in the right place to engage in another week of tedious, yet rewarding, work. The more time I spend within this city, the more I enjoy it, and I really do feel blessed to be able to share it with three awesome Washingtonian friends and roommates. You guys rock.

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