Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week One: The Ultimate Covenant

Week One: The Beast Named Time Has Consumed and Devoured Me.

I Have Met So Many People Ranging From Mike to Genevieve. I Have Read More Books on Public Policy & Community Benfits Agreements Then The Mayor. This Week Has Been So Long & Exhausting. As My Roommates Sleep (It's 3:02 in the Morning) I Think About The Fact That It Will All Begin On Monday. I Cannot Even Fathom Going To School At This Point. From Early Bike Rides to the Office, To Being Apart of a Protest...This Has Been A Long Week. I Am Doing My Best To Remain Optimistic & Appreciative. The Church People Are So Kind and Loving to Me. The Funny Things About Blogs Are The Fact That You Think of Something You Really Want To Write...But Then It Takes You 48 Hours to Come Around To It. Story of my Life. Well I Guess I Feel Accomplished In Knowing That I Wasn't Planning On Doing This but I Have at Least One Entry. It's Nights Like These...When You Are Restless Because Your Exhausted..That Reminds Me That I Am Actually Doing Something Beneficial To My Life & Others.

Marianne Haney

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